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Mohammed Rashad mohammedrashadkm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 14:59:05 EDT 2012

Hi All,

How OpenLayers does google map rendering. I know this is a board question
so i will eloborate

I am using OpenLayers for all my webGIS projects as the renderer/viewer.
What ever i do with my data. I display the results using OpenLayers.
Recently I need to display shapefiles and apply styling to it. I have a set
of existing tools for it
can display shapefiles on browser using OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(....)

2. Mapserver
I need to create a mapfile and configure it to use some shapefiles.

Both the cases didnt worked for me because I need it to configure
mapfile/WMS when the user add a new data and I dont have any control over
its projection and other informations

The users will be uploading their shapefiles (I am reading shapefiles using
GDAL/OGR over web so its not a big deal to render any OGR supported vector
data ) and they can view
it directly on browser. He/She can apply different map styling dynamically.
Basic viewing features such as zoom/pan are supported.He can also export
the map view to a file and download it for free. The whole application
called LSI Viewer will be released under OpenSource soon..
To get a better feel try this
http://vihang-lvs.garudaindia.in/ (same app on CDAC cloud)

I said about lsiviewer so that you can understand my needs clearly. Now you
will be clear why I cant rely on OpenLayers I can also render WMS maps in
LSIViewer. Now I want to show google, OSM, Bing Maps in the viewer. Here I
need help from OpenLayers developers.

How google maps are rendered in OpenLayers using Google API?

Using FireBug I found that some image is retrieved from google by the API

when I read this URL I get an 256x256 image. How to form such kind of url
if we have only google api ?

I guess OpenLayers also get individual tiles from google maps server and
render it on map canvas. Is this correct?

If yes, How to get those individual tiles?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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