[OpenLayers-Dev] Pull request 445 for issue #267: GPX: handling of desc attribute.

Javier Candeira javier at candeira.com
Wed May 2 07:58:53 EDT 2012

I am new to OpenLayers development, so I should begin for thanking
elemoine, probins and crschmidt for their advice and comments on my
pull requests.

On the subject of pull request #445 for issue #267 there appears to be
an impasse:


The original ticket mentioned to separate problems:

a) .desc attributes did not get exported as <desc> nodes, so the
roundtrip GPX.write(GPX.read(someGPX)) did not return the original
document or equivalent.

b) <desc> nodes are written out as textnodes, not as [CDATA].

My code fixes a) but ignores b).

It is controversial whether <desc> nodes should be written out as
CDATA[]. From the but description and the comments at the pull
request, probins thinks so, but crschmidt thinks that they should be
textnodes. All the GPX xml literals in the GPX.html test are
textnodes, and the GPX schema at  suggests that textnodes are indeed
the right way to encode the description element: <xsd:element
name="desc" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0">.

Issue a) caused data loss and is now fixed, but I am not even sure
what would be the severity of issue b) if it turns out to be a real

I am new here, so I am writing to the list to draw attention to the
discussion, and to request advice on how to get the bug fix into

Thanks for your attention,

Javier Candeira

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