[OpenLayers-Dev] Modify Control and Select Control with highlight strange behaviour

Ignacio Talavera ignacio.talavera at gmail.com
Thu May 3 14:44:58 EDT 2012

Hi, I'm trying to edit Vector layers and I  want to combine the
ModifyFeature control with a SelectControl with highlight capabilities.
So I  modified the example
do so with this snippet

*   var highlightCtrl = new OpenLayers.Control.SelectFeature(vectors, {*
*                hover: true,*
*                highlightOnly: true,*
*                renderIntent: "temporary"});            *
*    map.addControl(highlightCtrl);*
*    highlightCtrl.activate();*
The problem is when the ModifyFeatureControl is active and I select a
feature, if I move the mouse over another feature and then I go back to the
first one it looses the "select style".
How can I avoid such a behaviour?


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