[OpenLayers-Dev] openlayers map movement stopping with friction

ismet bahadir ismetbahadir at gmail.com
Sat May 5 04:34:20 EDT 2012

Dear All,

i am investigating a case and i am in help. even tough i googled, i
could not find any solution. also, my being a complete newbie makes my
job tougher. anyway, here is my problem:

i am investigating if it is possible to use some kind of visual effect
on my openlayers map so that when the user moves the map into a
direction, the map continues to move a little bit with the momentum
and then the map stops after the user stops moving (possibly due to

actually, this exists in google maps. in google maps, if you try to
move the map by catching the map with the mouse and dragging the
mouse, after you stop dragging your mouse, the map does not stop
instantly. instead, the map continues to move a little bit more and
then it stops. and if you move your mouse faster, the map takes a
little bit more time to stop completely (depends on the momentum).

i am wondering is it possible to use this feature in openlayers? is
there a function or any other way?

i am sorry if this was asked before, i am completely new to all
features and concepts of openlayers.

thanks in advance

- ismet

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