[OpenLayers-Dev] removeExcessTiles doesn't work properly

kikuchan at uranus.dti.ne.jp kikuchan at uranus.dti.ne.jp
Thu May 24 13:30:30 EDT 2012

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your reply.

> This issue sounds like the one reported in
> <https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/issues/481>. 

Yes, you're right, I had exact the same problem.

After that, I'd figured out the tileData[i].tile.draw() caused
"this.layer is null" error.

> This sounds like a good fix. Are your familiar with GitHub? Would you
> make a pull request against the 2.12 branch for that? A new test
> function in tests/Layer/Grid.html for this would also be required. 

I'm not familiar with GitHub, and test stuff, but I've tried.
Could you review the commits please?

Thanks in advance.


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