[OpenLayers-Dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenLayers 2.12 RC5!

Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine at camptocamp.com
Fri May 25 09:01:20 EDT 2012

The OpenLayers dev team is proud to announce the 5th release candidate
of OpenLayers 2.12! This RC fixes the following bugs:

- The fix for the SVG issue in Chrome 18 that made it into RC4 causes
regressions in GeoExt, and possibly other places.
- OpenLayers.Layer.Google.v3 isn't compatible with Google Maps API 3.7
and higher – a “Map Data” popup gets displayed by Google Maps when
displaying or moving a Google layer. People who use Google layers and
OpenLayers 2.12 should use version 3.7 or 2.8 of Google Maps API (<
- The removeExcessTiles function of Layer.Grid removes and destroys
more tiles that it should. This can cause js errors when the map is

See <https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/issues?milestone=6&state=closed>
for details.

We invite you to help us test the 2.12 release candidate! To test 2.12
in your applications, include the following tag in your
OpenLayers-powered page:

<script src="http://openlayers.org/api/2.12-rc5/OpenLayers.js"></script>

As always, the source is available at http://openlayers.org/download/.
Bug reports can be filed in GitHub at <


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