[OpenLayers-Dev] "3D" in OL 2.13

Jani Tiainen redetin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 03:24:54 PDT 2013

Hi dear devs,

I had a need to have "3d" support in OL 2.x-series. With 3d I mean that 
OL should be able to retain 3rd dimension (Z-coordinate) and end user 
should be able to manually add Z-coordinate when needed.

So far I modified GeoJSON reader/writer to support Z-coordinate (there 
was some initial work done but it didn't really preserved the data) and 
a little bit of Geometry.Point and Geometry.MultiPoint to maintain 
correct dimensiality so there wouldn't be mix of 2d/3d coordinates.

Z-coordinate is not taken account in any calculations.

How do I proceed with my changes to review (I did fork on a github) so 
they might become part of OL?

Jani Tiainen

- Well planned is half done and a half done has been sufficient before...

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