[OpenLayers-Dev] matchCase in openlayers.filter does not work for case-insensitive

Phil Scadden p.scadden at gns.cri.nz
Wed Apr 17 14:19:12 PDT 2013

I think this belongs on the users list not the dev list (it doesnt 
pertain to developing openlayers itself, only using openlayers).

However, that said, your code look very much like mine. I am using 
postGIS and arcSDE rather than shapefile but it works. Have you used the 
NET tab in your debugger (firebug?) to look at the POST data that it 
generates? It can sometime be easier to sort problems by using a rest 
client to fiddle with the POST data directly (referencing geoserver 
documentation) and work backwards when working. If the post data looks 
fine but doesnt work, then try going to the geoserver user list. Include 
the non-working POST data in your message and see if someone there can help.

I would also say, that if you shapefiles are large, then filtering on 
atttribute is slow. With shapefiles, the filter has to do a full-table 
scan. If attribute filtering is important and files large, then consider 
moving to likes of PostGIS instead.

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