[OpenLayers-Dev] Towards slick panning and animated zooming

Björn Harrtell bjorn.harrtell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 05:09:33 PST 2013

I have tested removing the match all rule in the css and it does affect
Ipad performance significantly in the good direction. On Android however it
seems to have a slight negative effect. What a mess.... Modified example

Den 8 jan 2013 13:54 skrev "Björn Harrtell" <bjorn.harrtell at gmail.com>:

> I've tested only with the hosted mobile-wmts-vienna.html example.
> The only apparent difference with leaflet I can spot right now is that the
> rule .olMapViewport, .olMapViewport * cascades to every element below the
> viewport because of the wildcard, in leaflet it seems these properties are
> only set on the viewport equivalent dom object. The page you refer to has a
> comment that might suggest this can cause problems - "Also try not to mix
> “top/left” with “translate()” this can cause some performance issues as
> well(in some cases really bad ones)". I haven't been able to verify any of
> this yet though, will try to find time to do it asap.
> /Björn
> 2013/1/8 Andreas Hocevar <ahocevar at opengeo.org>
>> mobile-wmts-vienna.html
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