[OpenLayers-Dev] OL and Bing Traffic API

Carol Hansen carolbhansen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 04:49:11 PST 2013


I am working on a traffic gadget. I've been tooling around with OpenLayers
and the Bing Traffic API, but I can't figure out how to integrate a
XML/JSON api feed. The OSGeo tutorial showed how to integrate a straight up
.xml file as a Vector layer using the url parameter...but that doesn't
work. I also played around with OpenLayers.Format.XML, but I couldnt figure
that out either.

Any suggestions on how to integrate API feed using OL? Is OL picky  about

Side question: Is it possible to integrate multiple feeds from different

(Just joined OpenLayers DevList, and excited to meet you all!)

Thank you for any suggestions,
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