[OpenLayers-Dev] Adding Mapbox Layer with OpenLayers

Wael Tarhouni waelinsat at gmail.com
Fri May 17 01:38:17 PDT 2013

Hi all;

I'm trying to add a based layer based on this tiles :
http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/mapbox.afghanistan-grey/page.html and i found
an example in the openLayers examples which uses a Mapbox OSM Layer with
OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ. The problem is that the server which provides this
tiles don't provide all countries ...

My question is : there's any server which provides all this tiles?

Wael Tarhouni
Ingénieur en Réseaux informatiques et Télécommunications de l'INSAT

(+216) 22 239 551
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