[OpenLayers-Dev] JSON Vector Overlay not showing in map

Phil Scadden p.scadden at gns.cri.nz
Tue Nov 26 12:10:57 PST 2013

> Originally I was getting HTTPRequest error for Cross Origin violation but
> switched Chrome to allow file access from files.  Now I don't get any errors
> in the javascript console but I also don't see my data.  See image.  The
> projection is EPSG4326 and I reset the bounding coordinates to map what I
> was seeing in ArcMap.  Any ideas?
You are showing us your HTML, but none of the relevant javascript. I am 
pretty sure that JSON vector fetch is going to involve ajax, so have you 
got a proxy set up? Chrome is tough on enforcing XHR. Anything useful 
beyond simple map display is going to involve getting a proxy setup 
properly so I would strongly suggest you try this first.

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