[OpenLayers-Dev] Car icon and details formated with html instead of plain text - please help me

Przemysław Prokopow przem at post.pl
Fri Sep 6 02:51:21 PDT 2013

I use OpenLayers libary in my project to display objects on a map.

I wounder if anybody will be able to help me with my problem.

I need to show a car icon with following details:
- car name (label above a car icon)
- car icon
- status bar (one line bar with different color showing a status, eg. red 
bar means alarm, green means car is moving, grey car is parked)
- car parameters (text with car speed, fuel level, distance and rpm)

OpenLayers libary let you to display one icon and one plain text.
There is no way to program in OpenLayers text a status bar and text above 
and below needs to be the same color, and to make vertical space you need to 
use some characters, eg. dots that looks ugly on the interface.

I need to modify OpenLayers source code and implement the design as I need. 
Probably the way to change a OpenLayers source code would be to change in 
the proper place JavaScript source, so it would accept HTML instead of only 
plain text. Then use HTML to implement a design.

Could you please advice me, where in a source code should I look to modify 
the code?
What do you think about such modification? Is it possible and do you 
foreseeing any problems with it?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or help from you.


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