[OpenLayers-Dev] Control with WMS-T animation support

Samuel Gilbert samuel.gilbert at ec.gc.ca
Tue Sep 17 13:10:06 PDT 2013


This message was previously posted to the user mailing list, but this list is 
probably a more appropriate venue.

I had posted to the 	openlayers-users list in June asking about state and/or 
plans to support WMS-T in OpenLayers.  Since then I continued the work started 
by Matt Priour to build an integrated control for WMS-T animations in 

I have now reached a state advanced enough, yet far from complete(see know 
issues below), about which I would like feedback.  In particular, I am looking 
for comments about the code I wrote.  Did I do things the correctly?  Does my 
code comply with the OL way of doing things?  Are there obvious bugs or 
potential pitfalls?  Also, do the visual components respect OL's look & feel?

In the long run, I would like to see this integrated into the main release of 
OpenLayers.  I built code on top of OL 2.13.1.  I don't have any idea of the 
effort required to port it to OL 3.x.

Besides adding a few PNG file to the img folder and adding 3 files 
(lib/OpenLayers/TimeAgent.js, lib/OpenLayers/TimeAgent/WMS.js, examples/time-
animation.html), the only files that required modifications were 
theme/default/style.css and lib/OpenLayers.js.

An example of the control can be viewed at :


http://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/air/OpenLayers/lib contains the entire 
OL 2.13.1 code with the modifications I made.

==> Known issues :

- The previous frame button doesn't work
- The last frame button doesn't work
- No control to enable/disable looping
- Panel with playback buttons is ugly and wastes space at the bottom

I will continue work to fix theses issues.  I also plan to make 
corrections/modifications based on your comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

Samuel Gilbert

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