[OpenLayers-Dev] Mobile zoom v3.0

Franklin Garzón franklin.garzon at gtskybase.com
Mon Mar 24 09:21:59 PDT 2014

Dear community, we are planning to build a new Project, and I’m evaluating
the version 3.0, so lets me talk about zoom functionality and rotation.


When we try to zoom + or – with 2 fingers, will be better if the change
level will found with an effect, because actually the change is immediately,
maybe with a fade or transition effect, it’s possible?

The rotation maps with 2 fingers, are very nice, however if we can add the N
(north) arrow will be nice, it’s also possible?



The version 3 is very good, continue with your work.





Franklin Garzón

Asesor de Tecnología


Skype:    fgarzonhz

Tel.:        (593) 994496862

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Global Tracking Solutions

De los Motilones N40-342 y Miguel Albornoz, Quito-Ecuador

 <http://www.gtskybase.com/> http://www.gtskybase.com 



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