[OpenLayers-Dev] Openlayers 2.13.1 Google maps not showing recently (Sep 2015)

Jason Lee jaslee.st at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 04:16:27 PDT 2015

Hi all,
I have an Openlayers 2 map showing a Google base map and a semi-transparent
overlay. The map had been updated to Openlayers 2.13.1 for a while now to
enabled it to work on mobile devices acceptably.

However, since this week (Sep 2015), the Google base maps have not been
showing and I can only see our custom semi-transparent overlay over a
grey/blank map.

As a temporary workaround, I've had to downgrade to previous Openlayers

The map should be well within the Google usage limits and I haven't read of
any changes to the Google maps service so i cannot understand why the map
suddenly changed - anyone else have similar experience or can advise?

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