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#2925: Some remarks about #2900: Add Google's closure compiler to build tools
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 Here are some remarks I have about #2900 - sorry for the duplication but
 depite being logged in I was unable to comment on it.

 First of all, I think integrating Google's closure compiler in the
 !OpenLayers build script is a good idea. I ran the closure compiler with
 simple optimization on a custom !OpenLayers build (already jsmin'ed) and
 benefited from a ~25% reduction in filesize (jsmin: 434 kb, google: 348

 However, I stumpled upon the following caveats:

  + jsmin as a preprocessing step seems necessary. The closure compiler
 online service has a 1000kb limit on uploaded javascript code/total size
 of included javascript files. Uploading an unminified !OpenLayers build
 would exceed this limit.

  + regarding
 pwd's attached python script]: I would implement the web service
 communication using urllib2.urlopen() instead of httplib. urllib2
 automatically figures out whether you have a proxy configured, while using
 a proxy with httplib seems to be more cumbersome.

  + I also tried to run the compilation locally with google_compiler.jar
 invoked from a python script, but this approach was more fragile. The
 compiler read the unminified OL build, but rejected it due to javascript
 errors. When I ran the same command directly on the windows shell,
 everything worked ok.

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