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Tue Nov 16 10:08:12 EST 2010

#2842: Improving SOS v1.0.0 specification support in SOSGetObservation format
 Reporter:  sonxurxo                   |       Owner:  bartvde               
     Type:  feature                    |      Status:  new                   
 Priority:  minor                      |   Milestone:  2.11 Release          
Component:  Format                     |     Version:  2.10                  
 Keywords:  SOSGetObservation, Format  |       State:  Awaiting User Feedback

Comment(by sonxurxo):

 Replying to [comment:6 bartvde]:
 > @sonxurxo One more question, I don't see how the writer for ObjectID can
 actually be used by the code, since there is no writer for
 GetFeatureOfInterest. Also, in your sample request ObjectID is in the sos
 namespace, however in the code it is in the gml namespace. Can you
 clarify? TIA.
 > Btw, I am rewriting the code a bit to make use of the readers from the
 GetFeatureOfInterest format, instead of duplicating the readers.

 Yes, a writer for "sos:featureOfInterest" is missing (maybe it was a typo,
 but, just to clarify, it's not GetFeatureOfInterest, since
 sos:featureOfInterest is the namespace:element_name token specified in the
 SOS standard, note the second sample request in the attached file).

 And yes again, my mistake, ObjectID must be in sos namespace not in gml
 namespace. As I said before I didn't test every combination, just, as I
 wrote the writers/readers I needed at that moment, I tried to complete
 things as I noticed they were in the standard, but as you can see not

 In a near future I'm working again with SOS so I'll review all of this and
 try to complete it and contribute a bit more. Great that you rewrite and
 order the code, as I told you that was almost my first step with
 OpenLayers so the code might be a little messy...Thank you for your work!

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