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Mon Oct 11 04:23:43 EDT 2010

#2870: Popup.Anchored: Bad positioning using anchor
 Reporter:  jorix           |       Owner:              
     Type:  bug             |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor           |   Milestone:  2.11 Release
Component:  Popup.Anchored  |     Version:  2.10        
 Keywords:                  |       State:  Review      
 When the popup is created with the argument "anchor" the positioning is
 incorrect. The only position that works correctly is the "br" (bottom
 right), for the rest ("tr", "tl" and "bl") reserve twice the size of the
 anchor. This goes wrong for "Anchored", "AnchoredBubble", "Framed" and

 Is easy to see by example "popupMatrix.html", try to move the icons at the
 bottom of the map and press it: reserves twice the size of the icon.

 This is a regression introduced by r10700 (in #2651) Removing r10700 the
 positioning works correctly (I could not reproduce the problem described
 in #2651)

 No patch. r10700 is proposed to remove.

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