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#2697: Handler.Box: destroy drag handler
  Reporter:  fredj            |       Owner:              
      Type:  bug              |      Status:  reopened    
  Priority:  trivial          |   Milestone:  2.10 Release
 Component:  Handler.Box      |     Version:  SVN         
Resolution:                   |    Keywords:              
     State:  Needs More Work  |  
Changes (by jcachat):

 * cc: jcachat (added)


 I should also mention that I may be experiencing this problem due to the
 way I am using the controls.  I have a panel that contains a Navigation
 and ZoomBox control.  If the ZoomBox control is activated and you use it
 to zoom to an area, then closing the browser triggers the null reference
 exception.  I just noticed there is an example in the User Recipes section
 that is doing the same thing
 (http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/panel.html).  If you modify that to
 use the trunk version of OpenLayers, it will demonstrate the problem.

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