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Wed Aug 10 04:24:35 EDT 2011

#3431: set opacity on layer divs, not on tiles and markers
  Reporter:  ahocevar  |       Owner:  euzuro      
      Type:  feature   |      Status:  reopened    
  Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  2.11 Release
 Component:  Layer     |     Version:  SVN         
Resolution:            |    Keywords:              
     State:  Pullup    |  

Comment(by erilem):

 Replying to [comment:25 ahocevar]:
 > @erilem: sorry, my mistake. You're right, there is no setOpacity in
 Tile.js, not even before #3419. There is only this code here in
 > {{{
 > if(this.layer.opacity != null) {
 >     OpenLayers.Util.modifyDOMElement(this.imgDiv, null, null, null,
 >                                      null, null, null,
 >                                      this.layer.opacity);
 > }
 > }}}

 Which just sets the initial opacity of the tile. Cédric just said that
 setting the layer opacity doesn't work for him in IE8 if this code is
 removed, so I'm wondering if #3419 will break IE8 again. Cédric told me
 he's going to do more tests with #3419 applied.

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