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#3419: Tile simplifications and partial rewrite
 Reporter:  ahocevar  |       Owner:  ahocevar    
     Type:  feature   |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  2.12 Release
Component:  Tile      |     Version:  2.10        
 Keywords:            |       State:  Review      

Comment(by erilem):

 See [attachment:openlayers-3419.5.patch] (and [attachment:4-to-5.diff] for
 the diffs between the .4 and .5 patches). Tests pass in IE8, FF5, and

 Some comments on the new patch:


  * removal of the {{{draw}}} and {{{beforedraw}}} events
  * {{{shouldDraw}}} is now a local variable


  * renderTile now calls {{{updateBackBuffer}}}, which is provided by the
  * the {{{Image}}} exposes {{{createBackBuffer}}}, and this method is
 responsible to determine whether the back buffer can be created or not


  * the logic for caching/resetting the back buffer mode was flawed
  * the {{{getBackBuffer}}} function is removed, we can rely on Image's


  * The {{{updateBackBuffer}}} function is easier to code
  * New functions have been introduced, again to make things easier to read
 and understand

 tests/Tile/Image.html, tests/Tile/Image/IFrame.html,

  * New tests have been added

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