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#3461: BaseTypes/Date.html tests fail in FF
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 FF6 had a bugfix so it now returns a {{{RangeError}}} (previously it
 returned a {{{String}}} "Invalid Date"). The expected value should be
 {{{instanceof RangeError}}} for FF6.
 something like:
         // check invalid date
         date = new Date("foo");
         try {
             var d = OpenLayers.Date.toISOString(date);
         } catch (ex) {
             t.ok(ex instanceof RangeError, "invalid date");
         t.eq(undefined, d, "invalid date");
 This will ofcourse break some other browsers.

 see: [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=649575]
 ''note: there's a useful link to the MSDN IE test pages in there as

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