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Mon Aug 29 04:22:38 EDT 2011

#3472: OpenLayers.Control.Split does not synchronize with other datastore
 Reporter:  ckreuzbe                                   |       Owner:  tschaub         
     Type:  bug                                        |      Status:  new             
 Priority:  minor                                      |   Milestone:  2.12 Release    
Component:  Control.Split                              |     Version:  SVN             
 Keywords:  Split WFS Vector Store Synchronize Silent  |       State:  Needs Discussion

Comment(by ckreuzbe):

 It did not work with former versions either, it looks like even the first
 revision of this file had "silent: true" set. However, it is breaking
 compability, because listeners are not getting informed about any updates,
 while documentation suggests that you can listen to remove and add events
 on the VectorLayer:

 While with deferDelete the control will set the status of
 updated/deleted/added features (which means the WFS will get informed
 about the updates/deletes), listeners will not get informed about any

 Long story short: It does not make sense to always surpress event
 triggering, hence the new property.

 As the change itself is really not that big, I would suggest getting it
 into 2.11, but it's not me to decide.

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