[OpenLayers-Trac] Re: [OpenLayers] #3030: ArcGIS (AGS) Tile Cache Layer Contribution

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Fri Feb 25 04:31:47 EST 2011

#3030: ArcGIS (AGS) Tile Cache Layer Contribution
 Reporter:  dmiddlecamp               |       Owner:  euzuro         
     Type:  feature                   |      Status:  new            
 Priority:  minor                     |   Milestone:  2.11 Release   
Component:  Layer                     |     Version:  2.10           
 Keywords:  ags, esri, layer, review  |       State:  Needs More Work
Changes (by bartvde):

  * state:  Review => Needs More Work


 This is a great patch with great examples, however this needs more work
 before it can go into trunk, I'll provide more info later, but the
 override/copy of initGriddedTiles is not a good thing. We need to find a
 more clean solution for that.

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