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#3126: Rotate the map using the compass
 Reporter:  sbrunner  |       Owner:  sbrunner       
     Type:  feature   |      Status:  new            
 Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  2.11 Release   
Component:  general   |     Version:  2.10           
 Keywords:  mobile    |       State:  Needs More Work
Changes (by sbrunner):

  * keywords:  => mobile
  * state:  => Needs More Work


 Well formated description:

 Allows the map to rotate with the phone orientation.

 What should be done:
  * add get/setRotation on the Map.
  * on the Layer change the methods getViewPortPxFromLonLat and
 getLonLatFromViewPortPx using the rotation.
  * get the missing tiles
  * on single tile get a bigger tile
  * on vector layer symbols and label should have the right orientation
  * unit test

 to test
  * zoom by wheel
  * zoom by dbl click
  * drag pan should work
  * pan controller should work
  * mouse position
  * ...

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