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Sat Jul 2 03:30:26 EDT 2011

#3397: Canvas: JS error
 Reporter:  jorix            |       Owner:  crschmidt   
     Type:  bug              |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:  2.11 Release
Component:  Renderer.Canvas  |     Version:  2.11 RC1    
 Keywords:  DragFeature      |       State:              
 Using "examples/modify-feature.html" try:

  * In the code of {{{Layer/Vector.js}}} leave only {{{renderers:
  * Draw a line, only two points.
  * Select "modify feature" and select the line.
  * Moving the mouse quickly over the verdices several times to cause
 {{{overFeature}}} followed by {{{outFeature}}}. After a few attempts oops!
 JS error:

 Canvas.js line 618
 this.features["OpenLayers.Feature.Vector_" + (id - 1 + this.hitOverflow)]
 is undefined

 Reproduced with FF3.6 and Chrome12 (with Chrome it is more difficult to

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