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Sat Jul 2 04:36:21 EDT 2011

#3399: Control.DragFeature: Sometimes not detected "mouseout" dragging points
 Reporter:  jorix         |       Owner:              
     Type:  bug           |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:  2.11 Release
Component:  Handler.Drag  |     Version:  2.10        
 Keywords:                |       State:              
 Sometimes not detected {{{mouseout}}}, EG dragging vertices using
 Try moving a vertex out of the map (to the top o to !PanZoom) using
 [http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/wfs-snap-split.html wfs-snap-
 split.html]. {{{mouseout}}} fails too often in this example.

 I have been able to verify that when leaving the map, sometimes the
 {{{mouseout}}} event does not occurs.

 In tests I've done browsers Safari5 Chome12 FF3.6 fail, but IE works
 perfectly (from IE6 to IE9).[[BR]]
 Usually the failures are sporadic, but if you use a {{{styleMap}}} with
 {{{"Point": {graphicName: "square"}}}} then the failures are frequent (I
 tested it by changing {{{styleMap}}} in "examples/modify-feature.html", in
 this case Chrome & Safari fail more often than FF).

 The failures are produced using any of the three renderers: {{{SVG}}}
 {{{SVG2}}} and {{{Canvas}}}. Using {{{Canvas}}} I could not see the effect
 of square dot as a result of #3396

 '''NOTE''': This bug is more important if patch #3363 is applied.

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