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#3424: Differentiate between TouchEnd and Click in TouchNavigation Control
 Reporter:  breul             |       Owner:  tschaub
     Type:  feature           |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  trivial           |   Milestone:         
Component:  Handler.Click     |     Version:  SVN    
 Keywords:  event, tap, drag  |       State:         
 We have been trying to process click events directly in the
 TouchNavigation control by passing a function to the click handler in the
 TouchNavigation control through the clickHandlerOptions paramter:

 new OpenLayers.Control.TouchNavigation({
                     dragPanOptions: {
                         enableKinetic: true
                     pinchZoom: new
 OpenLayers.Control.PinchZoom({autoActivate: true}),
                     clickHandlerOptions: {
                                handleSingle: function(ev){
                                      //single click code goes here

 The problem we faced was that the handleSingle function is called both on
 single tap events and after drag events, as touchend calls handleSingle in
 the handler.
 We can thus not differentiate between click/tap events and longer drag

 We fixed this for our project by keeping track of a timestamp set by the
 touchstart event. In touchend that timestamp is evaluated and both the
 timestamp as well as the duration of the touch event from touchstart to
 touchend is passed on in the event object for convenience. We can then
 evaluate this in our hanleSingle function to make sure we are dealing with
 a short tap and not a drag. The attached file contains the changes we are

 This is of course a quick and dirty fix. Possibly there is already a
 better approach to solve this problem in place.

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