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Mon Jul 25 16:36:58 EDT 2011

#3403: Popups Cannot Be Closed on Touch Based Interfaces
  Reporter:  mwootendev              |       Owner:  euzuro             
      Type:  bug                     |      Status:  reopened           
  Priority:  minor                   |   Milestone:  2.11 Release       
 Component:  Popup                   |     Version:  2.11 RC1           
Resolution:                          |    Keywords:  popup, touch, close
     State:  Awaiting User Feedback  |  

Comment(by tpingenot):


 The popup still works correctly for me after applying your additional

 on the IPad 2.

 I have noticed that when my html content is too big in the popup scrolling
 within the popup does not work on the IPad2, however I'm not sure if this
 is an OpenLayers bug or some other aspect of my site, JQuery, CSS, or
 simply an IPad browser limitation.  Scrolling in subpanels/frames is
 already strange in an IPad by default because it requires two fingers
 moving in parallel.  I do get scrolling in another part of the site on the
 IPad using the two finger method, but not in the popup. I'll keep
 investigating on my end.

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