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Wed Oct 5 01:32:27 EDT 2011

#3538: Box selection events
 Reporter:  mosesonline            |       Owner:  tschaub     
     Type:  feature                |      Status:  new         
 Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:  2.12 Release
Component:  Control.SelectFeature  |     Version:  2.11        
 Keywords:  events                 |       State:              
 We have some controls which override the onSelect of
 OL.Control.SelectFeature to find out if features are selected and then do
 something on them all, but we also have box selection activated. So when a
 user selects with a box a lot of events "featureselected" are fired in
 short time and an onSelect method is executed many times. So thought a
 little about this problem and I think the best solution are two events
 "boxselectionstart" and "boxselectionend", eventually with the layers
 array as attribute. So I made a patch.

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