[OpenLayers-Trac] [OpenLayers] #3561: wms getFeature doesn't take 'viewparams' into account

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Wed Oct 26 10:51:19 EDT 2011

#3561: wms getFeature doesn't take 'viewparams' into account
 Reporter:  boedy                      |       Owner:             
     Type:  bug                        |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  major                      |   Milestone:  Maintenance
Component:  general                    |     Version:  2.11       
 Keywords:  wms getFeature viewparams  |       State:             
 I use geoserver to get my wms data. Everything works great for showing

 However the "getFeature" control does not take the 'viewparams' parameter
 into account. This means it always returns the the features from my query
 with the default parameter values.

 Is this a bug, a missing feature or something I just missed.

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