[OpenLayers-Users] Re: drawing polygons with different Colors

Robert Sanson Robert.Sanson at asurequality.com
Wed Feb 1 15:13:19 EST 2012

If you are bringing in vector features from a JSON / WKT / GML source, then you can assign an attribute with the fill color, then assign a style to the layer, with fill color using the attribute as a variable:

var my_style = new OpenLayers.StyleMap({
    "default": new OpenLayers.Style(
            pointRadius: 3,
            strokeColor: "#ff6103",
            fillColor: "${fillcolor}",
            fillOpacity: 0.4,
            strokeWidth: 2,
            //label: "${name}",
            fontColor: "blue",
            fontSize: 10,
            fontFamily: "Arial",
            fontWeight: "bold"

function setHTML(response) {
    var cropnum = 0;
    var lines, line;
    var cropid, name, fcolor, crds;
    var cropgeom;
    if (response.responseText.toUpperCase().indexOf('ERROR') != -1) {
    else {
      crops = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("Crops",
                  {isBaseLayer: false,
                   styleMap: my_style,
                   rendererOptions: {zIndexing: true},
                   extractAttributes: true 
      var lines = response.responseText.split('\n');
      for ( var i=0;i<lines.length;i++) {
        line = lines[i].split("|");
        if ( line.length == 3 ) {
          cropid = line[0];
          name = line[1];
         fcolor = line[2];
          crds = line[3];
          cropgeom = wkt_format.read(crds);
          cropgeom.attributes.id = cropid;
          cropgeom.attributes.name = name;
          cropgeom.attributes.fcolor = fcolor;
          cropgeom.attributes.pstate = "pre";
		cropnum = cropnum + 1;


Robert Sanson

>>> Peter <pfischer at proveo.com> 1/02/2012 9:14 p.m. >>>
So nobody have any ideas?


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