AW: [OpenLayers-Users] What's wrong with my OSM + MapServerlayers?

Andrea.Z a_zanotti at
Thu Feb 9 19:04:45 EST 2012


thanks to everybody for the replies. I really cannot understand why my code
is not displayed; in fact I think that Arnd was able to read my first post
(he used my extent and my path in his posts) but he cannot see the other
ones. It is a mystery for me. 

By the way, I was able to bypass my problem directly converting my
shapefiles in Google Mercator (EPSG:900913). In this way, I was able to
export my project in a map file using the same OpenStreet's projection: and
my layers fit on the base map. Actually I am having some troubles with the
zoom levels (my layers are displayed only at level 17 or more; when I zoom
in, they disappear). But I will not bother you again, at least for the
moment, and I will try to find a solution by myself.

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