[OSGeo BC] GIS Technician with Open Source GIS knowledge - contract position

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Wed Jul 15 12:57:50 EDT 2009

Below is a contract posting for an intermediate level GIS Technician with Open Source GIS knowledge
Please respond directly to the email below.
Good luck

Online Image, is looking for GIS Technicians (at least intermediate level) 2-3 years minimum experience willing to work on a variable time contract/consulting basis.  Work may start as early as July 20 and last at variable amounts through the fall.  Work must be from your own office and computers through broadband connections.  

General Skills
* Highly reliable and can pay attention to detail
* Can communicate well with both fellow engineers and non-technical supervisors on tasks she/he is working on, doesn't hesitate to report hold ups and other problems
* Can work independently on assigned complex tasks with limited supervision and reliably deliver results
* Problem solving skills (especially related to databases and data conversion) 

Basic Skills
* Knowledge of General GIS concepts
* Technically proficient to use Desktop GIS and Web GIS
* General proficiency with Relational Database systems (MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL...)
* Intermediate user of Database systems (write and execute basic to intermediate SQL queries for PostgreSQL/PostGIS)
* High level of data processing and conversion skills 
* Intermediate knowledge of using Linux operating systems, Web Servers Apache, using SFTP etc
* Required: knowledge to efficiently use PostgreSQL/PostGIS and associated tools to collect, consolidate, transform, extract, and load data from different data sources (e.g. from MS Access, shape files, Tiger data and US Postal data sources) into PostGIS on a Linux server

 Desired Skills
* Intermediate knowledge of Open Source based interactive web mapping tools (OpenLayers, MapServer)
* Additional plus: Programming/scripting skills CSS, Html, PHP, Python
* Familiarity with the broadband industry such as experience with Telco fixed and wireless networks, broadband cable networks, Wisps a big plus.
* Experience with government grant applications helpful.

Please respond to Mitchell at onlineimage.biz with your CV and letter of interest.  Please include your pay requirements and how to contact your references.  Letters of reference accompanying your application are encouraged.

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