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Wed Apr 16 03:30:05 EDT 2008

#248: osgeo4w-setup needs a home pae
  Reporter:  maphew  |       Owner:  osgeo4w-dev at lists.osgeo.org
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  Priority:  normal  |   Component:  OSGeo4W                    
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Comment (by warmerdam):


 I would suggest that we make the http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w wiki our
 end-user oriented website for OSGeo4W once the new trac instance is setup.
 We can also migrate the developer/packager oriented stuff from
 wiki.osgeo.org into the trac instance at that point, but push it down into
 the wiki a bit with the user oriented stuff 'on top'.  Currently
 http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo4W is our nominal main page but it is also
 pretty hard to find.

 Once we are "public" we should add an OSGeo4W link from the
 http://www.osgeo.org main page.

 An alternative to making trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w our main page would be to
 add a public web page at http://www.osgeo.org/osgeo4w and keep trac as
 developer/packager oriented and for user wiki contributions but manage the
 "public face" of OSGeo4W on the osgeo drupal site.

 ... just a few thoughts.

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