[osgeo4w-dev] Installer, Express Install does not ask for instalation folder.

Ivan Lucena ivan.lucena at pmldnet.com
Tue Dec 30 01:09:26 EST 2008

Hi Frank,

>> The "Express" options install everything on C:/OSGeo4w without asking 
>> the user where to install.
> I think this is intentional.  That is, we try to minimize the number
> of questions when doing an express install.

The problem is that some system administrators like to keep a reserved 
driver C: just for Windows and install other application on secondary 

My humble suggestion would be to give the user a folder name entry 
filled with "C:\OSGeo4w" as default. Some people just hit 'next' 
carelessly anyway. Not a big deal.

> OSGeo4W was based on the stable version of GDAL (1.5) at the point it was
> launched (early 2008).  Because lots of packages are built against GDAL
> we can't easily migrate the default/public version of GDAL to 1.6, though
> 1.6 is available as a special install which you need to type "gdal16" at
> the commandline to use.

OK. So I can install 'advanced' and use 'gdal16' to switch versions. I 
didn't know that. I am going to test the georaster driver then.

> The intention is that at some point (perhaps soon) we would start
> building a new generation of OSGeo4W (perhaps OSGeo4W Ver2) using
> the stable versions of core libraries that are available.

I believe that it is a very valuable effort to put all those pieces 
together and the concern with non-experts-users is quite lovable.

For myself I usually compile everything that I use but I am writing 
those comments not as a critic but to share the reaction that I am 
getting from people to whom I am 'prescribing' OSgeo4W for.

By the way, I believe that the icon desktop shortcut to 'openev.bat' and 
the menu entry is missing from the OpenEV installation.

The best regards,


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