[osgeo4w-dev] setup in svn and improved a bit

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Feb 28 10:47:28 EST 2008


I have done a bit of work on OSGeo4W last night:

  1) moved setup into subversion with the initial version being what
     came out of the Cygwin CVS repository, so we can see all the changes
     I made.  It is at:


     I would like to use the /osgeo4w area of the generic osgeo subversion
     for OSGeo4W related work until such time as we have our own project
     subversion instance.

  2) I have removed the part of the installer dialog about unix/dos text
     which does not apply at all to OSGeo4W.

  3) I have replaced the cygwin icon with an OSGeo icon.  I created the icon
     from an alpha transparency based png file and that does not seem to have
     carried through properly to the icon on the desktop which has a white
     background instead of transparent.  But that can be fixed ... some day.

  4) I renamed the executable on the download site as osgeo4w-setup.exe as it
     has been suggested calling it setup.exe is problematic and confusing.

I tried to reproduce the problems report with mixed up install directories
between the real cygwin setup.exe and the OSGeo4W setup program, but I failed.
If I start the cygwin setup.exe on my machine, it defaults to installing in
C:\cygwin and if I start the OSGeo4W one, it defaults to installing in
C:\OSGeo4W.  So the problem must be some sort of bootstrapping issue which I
can't reproduce since my machine is no longer clean.  I also tried digging
through the registry setting stuff in setup.exe and I don't see any sign of
anything that isn't retargetted to be in the OSGeo portion of the registry.
Addition input on this issue is welcome.

Overall, I still have somewhat mixed feelings about using the Cygwin derived
installer due to a few peculiarities it has.  But lacking other suggestions
(backed by implementation) I'm not sure what our alternatives are.  I'll
followup with a message intended help make a decision.

Best regards,
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