[osgeo4w-dev] gdal-python packages & gdal_merge

fabienne picot cfab13 at hotmail.fr
Fri Oct 10 09:52:36 EDT 2008

That's it!
what is the utility of this dll in system32, do you know?
it means each time I would like to use python'extensions, I'll have to rename this DLL?
> Fabienne,
> Hmm, I'm approaching "stumped".  You mention something about libpq.dll
> above.  Was that an error message you received?  Is it possible you have
> a copy of libpq.dll in c:\windows\system32 that might be conflicting with
> the OSGeo4W one?   If so, could you temporariliy rename it and try
> gdal_merge again?
> It may be that something like gdalinfo works because it gives top priority
> to the DLLs in the same directory as the .exe, while loading python extensions
> ends up using a different order of preference for dll searching since the
> extension is kept in a distinct directory.  If this is the case it makes
> the python aspects sensitive to conflicting pre-installed DLLs in places
> like C:\windows\system32 - but I'm really just guessing.
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