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#37: grass: wxpython gui issues
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Comment (by hamish):


 I have looked through the entire bug report and AFAICT these are the
 issues commented upon that remain open with the latest 6.4.0svn osgeo4w
 binary package release:

  * osgeo4w\bin\grass64.bat does not accept --help (or other) parameter.

  * wx-nviz (no error message, when you switch the monitor to 3D view,
 nothing happens). Cog and O/I icons come up and overlap the eyeball and
 full-rerender icons in top left of the view window toolbar. starting with
 a blank map display a "Please wait, loading data..." grey box comes up in
 the map display. but nothing.

  * wx-vdigit: [NEW] toolbar comes up but always "No vector map selected
 for editing.". In layer list I can choose "Start editing" and a "please
 wait while map is opened for editing" message comes up on the bottom
 status bar, but the "Stop editing" menu item never ungreys.


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