[osgeo4w-dev] QGis fails start after install - GEOSWKTReader_destroy - geos_c.dll

Siegfried.Blank at lvvg.bwl.de Siegfried.Blank at lvvg.bwl.de
Fri Apr 24 05:12:48 EDT 2009

i've download the OSgeos4w package and run setup on Win XP. When i start
qgis i get the following error message:
"Der Prozedureeinsprungpunkt "GEOSWKTReader_destroy" wurde in der DLL
"geos_c.dll" nicht gefunden."
in english
"The procedure entry point GEOSWKTReader_destroy could not be located in
the dynamic link library geos_c.dll"
and qgis crashes.
The result is the same, whether i logged in as admin or user.
I'm pleased with your help.
S Blank 

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