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#37: grass: wxpython gui issues
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Changes (by jachym):

  * summary:  grass gui missing => grass: wxpython gui issues


 Replying to [comment:4 jef]:
 > the grass-6.4.0RC2-2 package contains the fix

 GREAT! GRASS starts now in wxpython mode!

 What does not work:

  * wx-nviz (no error message, when you switch the monitor to 3D view,
 nothing happens)
  * wx-v.digit -- Only message I get is
 Unable to initialize the display driver, see README file for more

 Details: 'NoType' Object has no attribute 'OpenMap' (no module named
   Is the grass6_wxvdigit compiled ?
  * when I want to display raster/vector file, only mapsets are listed, but
 no maps in the d.rast/vect GUI   form. In the command line is:
 g.mlist: command not found
    (translated from czech-windows to english-unix)
    adding raster name manually works
  * while starting GUI, first message I get (in the command line):
    This module requires the NumPy module,
    which could not be imported. It probably is not installed (it's not
 part of standard Python distribution). See ....
    eventhough numpy can be installed, it is not checked by default. it
 should be IMHO checked, when the user requires GRASS automaticaly (as well
 as wxpython). afterwards the profiling tool works
  * I did not manage to run *any* of raster modules. Nothing happens
 simply. Maybe it is the g.mlist issue?

 Shall I open new tickets for every of these issues separately?

 Some screenshots
  * http://les-ejk.cz/tmp/grass_windows_tcltk.png
  * http://les-ejk.cz/tmp/grass_windows_wxpython.png

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