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#63: Qgis does not start  - message: component not found libssl32.dll
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Comment (by jef):

 Replying to [comment:7 ema]:
 > I tried to uninstall everything that concerns qgis and osgeo4w
 > I cleaned the registry key
 > I rebooted the pc
 > and the result is always the same: I surrender! :-(

 Looks like your problem isn't directly related to qgis or OSGeo4W at all.

 I suspect that you have some DLL in your {{{%WINDIR%\system32}}} that
 depends on {{{libssl32.dll}}}, which is picked up by some other DLL in
 OSGeo4W instead of the intended DLL in OSGeo4W (we've previously seen such
 things with {{{openssl}}}; see also #35 ff).

 Please check the plugins with {{{depends}}}.  You should find a plugin
 that references {{{libssl32.dll}}}, but indirectly though another DLL on
 your system.

 Alternatively you could also search for a file contains {{{libssl32.dll}}}
 using the Windows Explorer's search facility.  That should also locate
 that apparently broken DLL.

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