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#85: please make wx-config available
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Comment (by jef):

 wxPython was packaged from the binaries available from the wxPython
 website.  So wxWidgets development files were not necessary to package

 I know that wxWidgets is needed for the GRASS wxGUI python extensions, but
 I wasn't able to find or build wxWidgets so that the wxGUI extension would
 actually work.  I tried the development binaries from the wxPython
 website, that were use to build wxPython and tried several own builds from
 different versions of MSVC.  I could get it compile and link fine, but I
 wouldn't run correctly.

 Python, wxPython & wxWidgets are build with MSVC without a shell, so
 there's not much point in creating a shell script that emits options, that
 MSVC doesn't use or need.   And even if it were created, it probably would
 emit options for MSVC that couldn't be used by MinGW anyway.

 I've added gdal-config to the mingw-libs.  That's a handcrafted script
 that outputs options for MinGW to use the MSVC build libraries.  Something
 like that could also be done for wxWidgets, but therefore one would first
 need to figure out which options would be needed to make it actually work.

 Another approach would be to rebuild wxWidgets and wxPython using MinGW
 for GRASS, but that might not work with the MSVC built python.

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