[osgeo4w-dev] GDAL Python Scripts on Windows 7?

Jeff Ruby jgr007 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 15:55:55 EDT 2010

Thanks, Jürgen.  I did not see any references to ssleay or dllupdate
in the log file and I'm not sure what I'm looking for so here's a dump
of the entire setup.log.full file:

2010/08/20 14:08:39 Starting cygwin install, version 2.579
2010/08/20 14:08:39 Current Directory: C:\osgeo4w_setup
2010/08/20 14:08:39 Changing gid to Users
2010/08/20 14:08:39 Could not open service McShield for query, start
and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
2010/08/20 14:08:42 source: network install
2010/08/20 14:08:42 root: C:\OSGeo4W binary system
2010/08/20 14:08:43 Selected local directory: C:\osgeo4w_setup
2010/08/20 14:08:44 net: Direct
Loaded cached mirror list
2010/08/20 14:08:44 site: http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w
get_url_to_membuf http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/setup.ini.bz2
getUrlToStream http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/setup.ini.bz2
Checking MD5 for
MD5 verified OK:
2010/08/20 14:09:40 Running preremove script for  libjpeg
2010/08/20 14:09:40 Uninstalling libjpeg
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jchuff.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jconfig.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jdct.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jdhuff.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jerror.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jinclude.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jmemsys.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jmorecfg.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jpegint.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jpeglib.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/include/jversion.h
unlink C:\OSGeo4W/lib/jpeg_i.lib
2010/08/20 14:09:40 Extracting from
Installing file cygfile:///bin/
Installing file cygfile:///bin/jpeg_osgeo.dll
Installing file cygfile:///include/
Installing file cygfile:///include/jchuff.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jconfig.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jdct.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jdhuff.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jerror.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jinclude.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jmemsys.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jmorecfg.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jpegint.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jpeglib.h
Installing file cygfile:///include/jversion.h
Installing file cygfile:///lib/
Installing file cygfile:///lib/jpeg_i.lib
Visited: 62 nodes out of 159 while creating dependency order.
Dependency order of packages: msvcrt openssl curl expat fftw
freetype-mingw libjpeg zlib libjpeg12 libtiff libgeotiff proj hdf5
geos libmysql sqlite3 netcdf libpq xerces-c hdf4 ogdi gdal gdal-mrsid
python python-numpy gdal-python gdal16 gdal16-mrsid gdal16-python
gdal17 iconv pdcurses libpng msys tcltk python-win32 wxpython pyopengl
grass-locale grass grass-devel gsl-libs liblas libtiff-bin matplotlib
psycopg2 pyparsing qt4-libs pyqt4 sip qwt5-libs-qt4 pyqwt5-qt4
pyspatialite python-rpy python-rpy2 python-shapely python-simplejson
qgis qgis-grass-plugin qgis-full shapelib shell
2010/08/20 14:09:41 note: Installation Complete
2010/08/20 14:09:41 Ending cygwin install

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 3:23 PM, Jürgen E. <jef at norbit.de> wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> On Fri, 20. Aug 2010 at 14:01:45 -0400, Jeff Ruby wrote:
>> 1.  I'm trying to run the GDAL python scripts I get a dialog box with
>> the following error:  "The ordinal 284 could not be located in the
>> dynamic link library SSLEAY32.dll"
> I order to get SSL support in libpq to I recently updated both the openssl
> libpq package.
> You probably have a SSLEAY32.dll in your system32 that overrides the one
> installed with OSGeo4W.
> It should have been upgraded by dllupdate from the postinstall batchfile.
> Could you please check in the %OSGEO4W_ROOT%/var/log/setup.log.full and report
> what happened?
>> 2.  Is there anyway to get the python scripts working with GDAL 1.7
>> without having to do a lot of manual copying and moving of files?  I
>> see GDAL-python and GDAL16-python libs but nothing for GDAL 1.7.
> QGIS would also benefit from GDAL 1.7 python bindings...
> Jürgen
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