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#121: add OSGEO4W to PATH
Reporter:  timmie  |        Owner:  osgeo4w-dev at lists.osgeo.org
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Changes (by warmerdam):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix



 We deliberately do *not* do these for two reasons.

 1) adding this directory to the path is not sufficient to setup some
 required aspects of the environment.

 2) it would be difficult to control the conflicts this might cause with
 others software with similar dll names, and to have multiple versions of
 things living safely on the system.

 So, for the time being if you want an OSGeo4W enabled command shell you
 need to click on the OSGeo4W shell, or run the osgeo4w initialization
 script from another shell.  Also the desktop icons run scripts to setup
 their environments during startup.

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