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#161: gdal utilities issues
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Comment (by jef):


 Replying to [ticket:161 lutra]:
 > *) If during the osgeo4w install it is added *just* the gdal16/gdal16-
 > libraries/packages, then all the gdal utilities that are wrote in python
 > to work. The error is always like (both from  the command line and from
 > plugin):

 GDAL 1.5 is currently the default GDAL in OSGeo4W and once installed works
 out of the box.

 QGIS however uses GDAL 1.6 (to allow attribute additions to shape files).
 So you probably only installed QGIS and got GDAL 1.6 with it - and no GDAL

 If you want to use GDAL 1.6 from the command line you need to run
 {{{gdal16.bat}}} manually first.  Running GDAL 1.5 binaries after that is
 probably not a good idea either.

 If you start QGIS using the desktop/start menu link {{{gdal16.bat}}} is
 automatically.  So everything should be fine from within QGIS.

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