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#161: gdal utilities issues
Reporter:  lutra                 |        Owner:  osgeo4w-dev at lists.osgeo.org
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Comment (by lutra):

 > Probably.  But if that is only happening on Windows 7/Vista, we must be
 missing something special there, but generally it should work - and
 unfortunately also works here with Win7 64Bit.

 Hi Jurgen,
 until now I haven't find a single Vista/Seven machine where the osgeo4w
 gdal .exe utilities do work without crashing. In all the pc where I
 installed osgeo4w were typical user machines, nothing special installed
 related to development & co. This should be have some meaning... that -I
 guess- in general the osgeo4w gdal utilities doesn't work (under

 It should be easy during the hackfest make the necessary comparison from
 your machine and another Vista/Seven installation. I'll miss the hackfest
 but I'm sure Giuseppe can have a look to it with you.


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