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#187: Add to gdal 1.7 support for ECW
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Comment(by pcav):

 One good reason to switch to gdal 1.7 is the support for RasterLite.
 Another is the bugfix with virtual raster that allows the removal of
 overlapping NULL values. I'm sure there are more good reasons (after all,
 FrankW and other have not worked in vain for a new GDAL version, right?).
 More generally, I think we should upgrade wen possible, to profit from the
 many improvements.
 AFAICT, we are now trapped in a choice: either using gdal 1.6 with ECW
 support, but with the limitations above, or move to 1.7, and drop ECW
 support (until the licence issues are clarified/solved).
 A third, more complicated way would be to have the two version in
 I agree: I also feel lucky having to deal with proprietary formats only

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