[osgeo4w-dev] gdal-dev, libtiff and libgeotiff upgraded

Helmut Kudrnovsky alectoria at gmx.at
Mon Oct 25 19:09:54 EDT 2010

I've read in the ML "gdal-dev, libtiff and libgeotiff upgraded" 

from time to time I'm building the "official" wingrass-installer.

after updating according to "gdal-dev, libtiff and libgeotiff upgraded", 
I can find
following updated files/folders in the osgeo4w-stack:


AFAICT the actual wingrass-installers are built against osgeo4w-gdal-15.

gdal and proj4 are dependencies for grass.

which of the above mentioned (actualized) files/folders should be 
included in the wingrass-installers and
for which above mentioned folders should be set GDAL_DATA and PROJ_LIB 
in order to get proj4 and gdal working properly?

best regards
Helmut (a little be confused and ...)

"At that point I'm also hoping we can migrate most packages using GDAL 
to GDAL 1.8, to try and get out
of the situation now where the default is ancient (1.5) and some packages
(MapServer, QGIS) have moved to somewhat newer GDALs." ... very 
appreciated :o)

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